Saturday, June 11, 2011



Always Kabhi Kabhi is a movie based on teenagers and school life, produced by "Red chillis Entertainment". The music of the music is also youth centric. The song contains phrases like "undi the condi", "Better not mess with me" which is quite often used by the school-goers. This is Roshan Abbas' first directorial venture. Let's see how the movie fares at the box office. Music is given by "Pritam", "Shree D" and "Ashish Rego". "School ke din" is liked by all the groups of people as it reminds of the young fruitful days.

                      Always Kabhi Kabhi (Bhavin Dhanak, Sanahmoidutty, Apeksha)

                     Anetnna (Benny Dayal, Roshan Abbas, Apeksha Dandekar)

                     School Ke Din (Suhail Kaul & Ishq Bector)

                     Better Not Mess With Me (Rock Mix) (Sunidhi Chauhan)

                     Undi The Condi (Shaan, Aditi Singh Sharma)

                     Jaane Kyon (Soul Version) (Naresh Iyer)

                     Better Not Mess With Me (Club Version) (Shefali Alvaris)

                      Jaane Kyon (Sufi Version) (Shafqat Amanat Ali)

                     Antenna (Reloaded - SRK Mix) (K.K, Anupam Amod & Apeksha)

                    Always Kabhi Kabhi (Unplugged) (Vinnie Hutton & Apeksha)


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