• Katrina Kaif apology

    Katrina Kaif finds herself in yet another controversy following her remarks about Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi. When she was asked about her Nationality, Katrina replied that she wasn't ashamed to be half Indian and half Brit. She further said even Rahul Gandhi is half Indian half Italian.

  • Bollywood's tribute to legend Shammi Kapoor

    Undoubtedly Shammi Kapoor is among few Bollywood actors who revolutionised the Indian Film Industry with his dance moves, acting skills and most importantly by his flamboyancy.The death of this legend saw not only members from bollywood's first family i.e. "Kapoors" but also the presence of almost entire Bollywood at the Shammi's residence where his funeral took place.

  • Serial Kisser in Dirty Picture

    According to sources, Vidya will soon enter the long list of heroines Emraan has lip-locked on screen.

  • Ameeesha Patel getting racy

    If you thought that Ameesha patel's career is over now and she was just another "One hit wonder" of Bollywood, then wait her career is still igniting to take-off. The actor who turned producer recently is on a high these days both personally and professionally. The actor, who always had weight issue and looked bubbly has transformed herself into a lean and curvy sex-bomb.

  • Giselle Monteiro is back again

    If you are wondering who is this 'Giselle Monteiro', let us remind you the 'Harleen Kaur' of Love Aaj Kal. Giselle who is a brazilian model are among those foreign beaties who are desperate to make her name in Bollywood.

Farah Khan : Anti Modi

Sunday, September 18, 2011 0 comments

We all know India is a secular country and the biggest democracy in the world. So its quite obvious that with such a huge population there would be plenty of unique and different opinions and views on political issues and the best part is that each and everybody has got the right and has been given full freedom to voice their opinion in democracy.

Farah Khan Ali, the famous jewellery designer, the daughter of veteran actor Sanjay Khan and wife of famous "DJ Aqueel" along with Pooja Bedi, daughter of Kabir Bedi are among the few celebrities who voiced their opinion on current political drama of the country, the latest burning issue being Gujrat C.M Narendra Modi's 3 days ongoing fast in Ahmedabad.

 Farah Khan is openly opposing the Modi's philosophy and she even compared him to "Adolf Hitler". She tweeted- "

  "Hitler was a great administrator but his crimes against the jews were atrocious. He paid for it. Someday Modi will. Everything returns here."

"India may have party politics & state politics but feels great 2 know that so many honest, true secular ppl exist here.Proud to be an Indian"

"I don't care if it makes me unpopular being anti Modi.I will always call a spade a spade.Not here to win a popularity poll or promote myself"

"Love the true "fabric" of secularism in our country. Wish politicians wouldn't tug at it constantly thereby tearing d fine threads that bind"

She declared herself an "ANTI MODI" and tweeted-

 "I don't care if it makes me unpopular being anti Modi.I will always call a spade a spade.Not here to win a popularity poll or promote myself"

She got support from other celebrities including "Pooja Bedi" and "Mahesh Bhatt".
Pooja Bedi responded with this tweet-

  "@FarahKhanAli Mahatma Gandhi wove a wonderful blanket to keep our nation warm, but todays politicians seem to be pulling wool over our eyes!

Fasting rids the body of fat... It doesn't wash the blood off your hands! Can someone please pass the message to those attempting to do so!"

Some other tweets from her are as follows-

Never cared about what "many" people think. Always cared about the "truth" my dear &; will always voice it.

@Hirna_G A leader should be selfless, for the people, be unbiased & try &bridge differences not use them for personal gain.

@Musically_high im convinced u dont read now. The SC did not pass a verdict. It deferred the case to another court. Modi is still on trial

@vicky_sharma21 and you can keep dreaming ha ha ha you loser. feel sorry that you dont see all people as one.

@Musically_high Either you are blind or live in ignorance especially when there is so much proof. Open your eyes my dear.

@RishabhDeb If God can forgive my dear who am i not to. Be blessed and always see the larger picture.

@Musically_high ha ha ha after being responsible for so many attrocities. Maybe he needs to turn himself in if he wants peace.

@Musically_high atleast i preach and practice "peace" not hate. That is secularism to me Mr know it all.

@RishabhDeb Just know that i am pro peace, pro humanity, pro love. Dont like ppl fighting in the name of religion. one day we will all go

@mdesai5 The ppl of our country are Great. Our politicians still follow the "divide and rule" British theory. Why cant there be love & peace

@DeathPR00Fx pl do check his timeline & see if any of his tweets make sense. He once said i would be happy if a Hindu died. so i blocked him

@sharmas_sumit I dont care about popularity polls. I care that "All" people live in harmony and peacefully. I dont see differences in any

@mdesai5 that was unfortunate like who will pay for the people who died in the riots for Ayodhya?

@umangdetroja Progress at the cost of innocent lives is not progress my dear. @poojabeditweets

@DeathPR00Fx my dear, please do go through tweets to me & read before u rattle off as u usually do and then ask me why im not blocking them

I don't care if it makes me unpopular being anti Modi.I will always call a spade a spade.Not here to win a popularity poll or promote myself

@AdrRaman you are a loser who doesn't deserve to read my thoughts so blocking u my dear. Enjoy ur negativity. Ha ha.

Love the true "fabric" of secularism in our country. Wish politicians wouldn't tug at it constantly thereby tearing d fine threads that bind

India may have party politics & state politics but feels great 2 know that so many honest, true secular ppl exist here.Proud to be an Indian

Ra.One Mp3 songs Download



Ra.one has already generated quite a buzz among the audience and so is its music. The "Chammak Challo" song sung by international R&B star "Akon" is on the mouth of many Indians. Though the song had already been leaked months ago its still topping the charts. The song has got many versions, depending on your taste of music. The video of second song is also on air titled "Dildara". The music is by Vishal-shekhar. The songs are good and peppy. The album has got few english tracks too, moreso to give it an international touch. Our verdict is go and buy the album.

Note: To download "Right click" on the song and "Save Target As".

Chammak Challo (Akon, Hamsika Iyer)

Dildaara (Stand By Me)  (Shafqat Amanat, Vishal, Shekhar, Clinton)

Criminal  (Akon, Vishal Dadlani,  Shuruti Pathak)

Bhare Naina (Shekhar Ravjani, Nandini Srikar, Vishal Dadlani)

Right By Your Side (Sidd Coutto)

Raftaarein (Vishal Dadlani)

Jiya Mora Ghabraaye (The Chase)(Sukhwinder Singh, Vishal)

Chammak Challo (Remix - Abhijit Vaghani) (Akon, Hamsika Iyer)

Comes The Light (Theme)

I'm On (Theme)

Song Of The End (Theme)

Chammak Challo (Remix - DJ Khushi) (Akon, Hamsika Iyer)

Criminal (Remix) (Akon, Vishal Dadlani, Shuruti Pathak)

Chammak Challo (International Version)  (Akon)

Chammak Challo (Remix - DJ A-myth) (Hamsika Iyer, Akon)

To download the entire album CLICK HERE

Ra.One : the next big thing ??


People in the industry have always praised the SRK's understanding of business model of financing the film and tagged him as the "Most business minded actor of bollywood" thanks to his marketing and promotional tactics of his earlier movies that he didn't prove them wrong either.

 But the question which everybody is concerned about that "Is Ra.One the next big thing in bollywood and did SRK made the right decision of spending way too much on his magnum opus ?? If reports are to be believed than Ra.One's production cost alone has a mammoth size of 150 crores. He is spending another 20 crores to give 3-D avatar to his movie and few more crores for promotional purpose. Recently there were rumors that SRK is tying up with "Formula One" organizers to inaugurate the race with all the cars having the look G.one's batcar(G.one is the name of the superhero character portrayed by the actor) but still no confirmations have been made from either side.

 If we do simple maths, then the Ra.one's overall cost might touch 200 crores. But Ra.one has already made few crores to its kitty. SRK sold the music distribution rights for approximately 25 crores. He also sold the Satellite rights too with an estimated tag of 20-25 crores. Besides this Ra.One's merchandising would add another tens of crores to its revenue list. So in simple words Ra.One would already cover up its 1/4 th of its total cost even before the release of the movie. And if analysts are to be beleived than Ra.One might generate 120 crores within first week of release only. So far it seems a safe bet for SRK.

 With all those big numbers all we expect a good entertainment for the audience. Afterall audience verdict is the final verdict

Candice Boucher: Playboy to Bollywood

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 0 comments

The promo of an action cum thriller movie named "Azaan" is already airing on the channel but what's catching everybody's attention is not the movie action sequences or the new male entrant "Sachin Joshi" but the highlight of the promo is the "firang" actress who could be seen romancing with the newcomer.

The name of the actress of the movie "Azaan" is "Candice Boucher". She is from South Africa and a world renowned supermodel. She was on the April cover of international magazine "Playboy" last year. She has also appeared on the cover of other famous magazines which include "GQ", "FHM", "Cosmopolitan","Sports Illustrated" and "Elle".

But if you all are expecting that she'll bring that oomph factor on big screen too then perhaps there's a disappointing news for you guys as there is no skin show in the movie and according to her it's a sober role.

Here are few of the wallpapers of the actreses-


Ra.One new poster

Sunday, September 11, 2011 0 comments

SRK's Ra.one is the next big thing which is expected to happen after "Salman" phenomenon in bollywood. Shah Rukh khan is making sure that this magnum opus of his should have everything done to perfection and his letting no stones unturned to achieve that perfect-ism.

The latest poster release from the Ra.One team has raised many eyebrows and to an extent its rightly so because the picture is looking too perfect to be real. If you compare the SRK's abs in the poster of Om Shanti Om and Ra.One, you would clearly spot the difference as his abs are looking edgier and more defined in the latter. His chest looks leaner and sharper too.

Even his "Chhammak challo" i.e. kareena kapoor is looking perfecto. Her tummy is digitally reduced and her lips look botoxed.

As the tag line goes "Haan Farishtey hotey hain". We would like to add one more "Haan Photoshop hota hai"

Spot the difference yourself

Ranbir in Brothel

Saturday, September 10, 2011 0 comments

Well how would you react if you find the current hearthrob of the nation "Ranbir Kapoor" singing song in the red light area of the city and giving company to him is not any A-list bollywood actress but the sex-workers of that brothel, perhaps your first reaction would be "Ranbir ke itne bure din nahi aaye !!". But surprisingly the news is true. At least just for the sake of bringing reality Imtiaz Ali, director of Ranbir's upcoming movie "Rockstar" shot a scene in a real brothel where Ranbir could be seen playing guitar.

The local sex workers welcomed the crew and also served the local breakfast of 'chai and pav'. After a short introduction session and some light hearted conversation, they commenced shooting where Ranbir, surrounded by a big group of sex workers, was playing the guitar and singing for them. The actor, who had taken extensive guitar lessons to prepare for his role in the film, actually played it live and even sang the verses himself, leaving his audience captivated.

Here is a snapshot of the scene-


Thursday, September 8, 2011 0 comments

We all know how teenagers are addicted to social networking websites and how these sites play a pivotal role in their life. Aditya Chopra is ready to present this theme in his next venture called "Mujhse Fraandship karoge".

The movie is a youth centric musical which revolves around the social networking major "Facebook" and its impact on the teenagers and their relationships. The movie depicts the story of four youths who fall in love with each other on a networking site without knowing the fact that the person whom they are chatting online is the same whom they hate in real life. The film marks the debut of four actors-Saqib Saleem, Saba Azad, Tara D'Souza & Nishant Dahiya- besides director Nupur Asthana, who was previously known for TV shows like 'Hip Hip Hurray' & 'Mahi Way' and of course, Raghu Dixit.

 Here is the movie stills and first look of the movie.

Force Mp3 Download

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FORCE (Listen online and download Mp3)

Star Cast
John Abraham...... Yashvardhan
Genelia Dsouza...... Maya
Raj Babbar
Mohnish Bahl        

Bombay Jayshree
Mahua Kamat
Naresh Iyer
Shreya Ghoshal
Vijay Prakash
Shalini Singh
Neha Bhasin

Javed Akhtar
Music Director
Harris Jayaraj
Lalit Pandit

Music Director
Harris Jayaraj
Lalit Pandit

NOTE : To download the song "RIGHT CLICK" on the song and "SAVE TARGET AS"

Khwabon Khwabon (K.K, Suchita)

Chahoon Bhi (Karthik & Bombay Jayashree)

Dum Hai To Aaja (Mahua)

Main Chali (Naresh Iyer & Shreya Ghoshal)

Dil Ki Hai Tamannna (Vijay Prakash, Shalini Singh, Neha Bhasin)

To Download Entire album CLICK HERE

Hazel : Bodyguard's new girl


Most of you guys who have watched Salman starrer magnum opus "Bodyguard" must be keen to know who is the girl who plays Kareena's best friend's i.e. "Maaya's" character in the movie ?? Well you must have seen her in commercial advertisement of a soft drink and her beauty and innocent look helped her to get the pivotal character in the movie.

Her name is "Hazel Kaeech" and she's a British model and actress.Rose Dawn aka Hazel Keech was born in Essex, north-east London, England in 1987 to an English father and an Indian Hindu mother from Mauritius. She attended Beal High School in Redbridge for her secondary education. Hazel first started performing from the age of 3. During her early years she enrolled in both stage schools and India Dance academies where she learnt various forms of dance, both Indian classical and western contemporary, along with acting and singing. Working professionally from the age of 13, she performed in school musicals as well as amateur plays and continued with the arts through High School.

Hazel became involved in TV, Film and Stage very quickly, where she acted in the Harry Potter films, danced in the popular British programme "Miss Marple" followed by a BBC documentary show "Call The Shots" where they watched her working in Hindi films. She joined the team of the Bollywood musical "Bombay Dreams" for their London promotional tour. At 16 she sang in the choir of the west-end musical "Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dream Coat".

At 18, while holidaying in Mumbai, she received work offers so stayed to pursue a modelling and acting career. Hazel can be see in such popular music videos as "Kahin Pe Nigahen" as well as many popular TV commercials, such as Vivel by ITC, & Sprite 'University of Freshology' Commercial.

Hazel's first break in movies was the 2007 in the Tamil film Billa, a remake of the classic film Don, where she was seen recreating the iconic dance number, originally played by Helen, to the song "Sei Ethavathu".

Bollywood reacts to Delhi Blast


Once again the whole nation got shocked by one more terror act, this time the target was the "High court" of Delhi. But the question remained the same for how long we would accept this attack and killing of innocent people as "just another attack". Its high time now when we have to raise our voice against these attacks as we have fought and won the battle against the corruption. Bollywood also reacted to this attack. Here are the few early tweets from the kingdom of bollywood..

Gul Panag 
Two dear friends had a very narrow escape this morning at Delhi High Court. Both shaken and numb. Sadly, some weren't so lucky:( #delhiblast

Sonam Kapoor 
RT @SonamKapoorFC: 'Mausam' music success party has been cancelled following Delhi blasts. bollycurry.com/news/hot-n-hap…

Shekhar Kapur 
Now watch as politicians swoop down like vultures 2 make political capital of the dead n injured

Shekhar Kapur 
Ordinary Indian needs 2 b almst killed by bomb fr politician 2 notice thm n then 2 for publicity

Shekhar Kapur 
Ordinary Indians need 2 b almst killed by bomb fr politicians 2 notice them n then 2 only fr publicity

Ayesha Takia Azmi 
Sad day,innocent ppl hurt or lost their life

Ayesha Takia Azmi 
Hope and pray for the day when we can feel safe again!

Ayesha Takia Azmi 
Pray for the families of those who's lives were lost or injured.

Ayesha Takia Azmi 
Soo deeply saddened by yet another blast,y is this happening!!

Sophie Choudry 
Absolutely...Why?!! RT @Riteishd: Prayers for the families and loved ones of the delhi blast victims- why aren't we running out of patience.

Sophie Choudry 
Heartfelt prayers &condolences 2 all the victims &families of Delhi blast..If thr isn't adequate security at high court imagine other places

Abhishek Bachchan 
Well said. “@abhijitmajumder: Before Anna, govt thought nation got used to corruption. Time to tell govt we won't get used to terror either”

Prayers for the families and loved ones of the delhi blast victims- why aren't we running out of patience.

Abhishek Bachchan 
“@praks23: @juniorbachchan RT Delhi Blast Helpline Numbers. - Safdarganj Hospital -011-26707444/ RML Hospital - 011-23744721, 011-23365525”

Abhishek Bachchan 
“@Karanjoshi4u:Please RT: Helpline numbers at RML Hospital: 011-23744721, 011-23365525. Safdarjung hospital: 011 - 26707444. #Delhiblast”

Genelia D'souza 
Jst heard bout d delhi bomb blast,terribly disturbin n sad,, thoughts n prayers 2 innocent victims n der families

Shahid Kapoor 
A prayer for all those innocent lives lost

Shahid Kapoor 
Sad sad sad. Unacceptable. terrorists are the worst of all living things ....... We need to deal with them extremely strongly

archana vijaya 
I've said it before and I'm saying it again, as an Indian citizen our lives have ZERO value for our government!! #delhiblast #fail

Karan Johar 
Thoughts and prayers for the families and loved ones of the delhi blast victims.....

dia mirza 
Enough. God Please. #delhiblast #innocentliveslost

Sonam Kapoor 
Ppl who spread terror are the scum of the earth.

Sonam Kapoor 
RT @MadhukarBhatia: @sonamakapoor Retweet Delhi Blast Helpline Numbers. - Safdarjang Hospital -011-26707444/ RML ... tmi.me/fDTuZ

Sonam Kapoor 
Just heard about the bomb blasts in the high court in delhi. How sad that terrorism has become rampant in our ... tmi.me/fDTs2

boman irani 
This cannot become a way of life.

Anupam Kher 
Wake up Mr. Home Minister. Please Protect the citizens of this country. Innocent and ordinary lives are equally important.

Neil Nitin Mukesh 
Heard about the delhi blast. Hope everyone is ok. Plz be safe.

Rahul Bose 
Just got the news. Prayers for families of victims.

yuvraj singh 
Hope everybody is safe outside delhi high court

Madhur Bhandarkar 
RT @ndtv: 9 dead, at least 45 injured. #Delhi blast

Shekhar Kapur 
Reports coming in on a number of dead at high court blast in Delhi, terrible tragedy, once again terror hits India

Gul Panag 
Another blast??!! Why??

Shreya Ghoshal 
Blast in delhi?!!

Farah Khan 
Terrible news. "@starnewslive: Explosion near gate no 5 of Delhi High Court, 10 injured: Reports"

Katrina Kaif's childhood photos

Sunday, September 4, 2011 0 comments

Ever wondered how did the current Bollywood Queen "Katrina Kaif" looked like when she was just a cute little British girl. When her life only revolved around her big family comprising of seven sisters and a brother. When she always dreamt of being a superstar one day.

"Bollywood Sense" is giving you the exclusive glimpse of the actress during her early years. Enjoy.

Speedy Singh Mp3 Download

Sunday, August 21, 2011 0 comments

Speedy Singh : listen online and download Mp3

Speedy Singh is an Indo-Canadian movie co-produced by "Akshay Kumar" and have the "Push" actress "Camilla Belle" as the lead. As far as the music is concerned its got blend of both Indian (to be specific bhangra) and western fusion. Akshay's one of the favorites "RDB" have composed the tracksand one of the track features Hip Hop sensation "Ludacris".

The english version of the movie is called "Breakaway". To see the exclusive movie stills of the movie CLICK HERE

Note : To download "Right Click" on the song and "Save Target As"

Ne Aaja Veh  (Veronica, H-Dhami)

Shera Ki Khom  (Ludacris, RDB, Ramjit Ral, Nav Sembhi)

Sansar  (RDB, J-Hind, Kat Eyez, Smooth )

Veer Da Viha  (Jassi Sidhu)

Rail Guddi  (Jassi Sidhu)

To Download entire Album CLICK HERE

Hazel : new entry into the 'item world'

Saturday, August 20, 2011 0 comments

If you thought that "Sheila", :Munni","Razia","Jalebi bai" was enough and the 'item' trend have got not any more scope, then think again.

The latest entry into this elite club is "Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar" actress and Brazilian model "Hazel Crowney".
The item would be choreographed by "Remo D'souza".

She is ready to set the screens ablaze with her eclectic dancing and her matkas and jhatkas in a super hot item number in STAND BY. She gyrates to an Adesh Shrivastava composition penned by Swanand Kirkire and choreographed by none other than the flavour of the season, Remo Fernandez. The item number comes at a very crucial juncture in the film at a part where the screenplay builds up to a nail biting point and provides as a tension reliever.

Talking about her performance, Hazel Crowney says, "I have grown up on Hindi films and really love their narrative style. When I decided to go the Bollywood way I joined dance classes to get professional training and also started working on my Hindi. It was a real pleasure working with Sanjay Surkar and I am really excited about the release of STAND BY."

Well for Hazel, this item number would definitely be a stepping stone to success in Bollywood and for the audience, another item number to look forward to after, Munni, Sheila, Razia, Shalu and Jalebi Bai.

Alia Bhatt exclusive photos

Friday, August 19, 2011 0 comments

We earlier told you about the Karan Johar's next most talked about film titled "Student of the year". The movie is a debut vehicle for three bollywood star kids which include "Varun Dhawan" son of director "David Dhawan", Alia Bhatt daughter of producer "Mukesh Bhatt" and Siddharth.

Mahesh Bhatt is very excited about his daughter's debut film and he is even more proud that her daughter is not entering bollywood through his own banner but preferred karan johar's Dharma Productions. Mahesh recently said that he would buy tickets to see her daughter on the screen.

Here is her part of the movie poster which is currently being shot.

Alia has got the looks similar to her actress sister Pooja Bhatt who later turned director. Here is one of the photo of her younger days.

Mausam Mp3 songs download



Mausam is one of the most promising movie for both Pankaj kapoor as it his first directorial venture and for his son Shahid too as he urgently needs a hit to boost his career. It also stars another kapoor i.e. Sonam kapoor in the lead. The music of the movie is by hit machine of bollywood "Pritam". This time too Pritam doesn't disappoint with his composition (no matter whether its original or copied from some other parts of the world.) The first released song "Rabba Mein toh mar gaya haye" is already topping the charts. the other songs such as "Sajh Dhaj ke" sung by Mika is also receiving nice reviews. "Ik tu hi tu" is another nice track and has three remixed version. "Mallo malli" has got nice rhythms too. Overall the music is good and would be a good buy. Go and purchase the music.
NOTE : Right click on the song and select "Sava Target As" to download the song.

Rabba Mein Toh Mar Gaya Oye  (Shahid Mallya)

Sajh Dhaj Ke  (Mika Singh, Pankar Kapur)

Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi  (Hans Raj Hans)

Poore Se Zara Sa Kam Hain  (Rashid Khan)

Mallo Malli (Tochi Raina)

Sajh Dhaj Ke (Desi Mix Tiger Style) 

Sajh Dhaj Ke (Club Mix Tiger Style)

Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi (Reprise)

Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi (Mehfil Mix)

Mallo Malli  (Lehmber Hussainpuri, Hard Kaur)

To download the entire album CLICK  HERE

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