Ra.One new poster

Sunday, September 11, 2011

SRK's Ra.one is the next big thing which is expected to happen after "Salman" phenomenon in bollywood. Shah Rukh khan is making sure that this magnum opus of his should have everything done to perfection and his letting no stones unturned to achieve that perfect-ism.

The latest poster release from the Ra.One team has raised many eyebrows and to an extent its rightly so because the picture is looking too perfect to be real. If you compare the SRK's abs in the poster of Om Shanti Om and Ra.One, you would clearly spot the difference as his abs are looking edgier and more defined in the latter. His chest looks leaner and sharper too.

Even his "Chhammak challo" i.e. kareena kapoor is looking perfecto. Her tummy is digitally reduced and her lips look botoxed.

As the tag line goes "Haan Farishtey hotey hain". We would like to add one more "Haan Photoshop hota hai"

Spot the difference yourself


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