Aamna Sharif making a comeback

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well if you have forgotten that who "Aamna Sharif" is then its not your fault afterall this hit lady from television industry failed to make big impact on the big screen with forgettable movies like "Aloo Chaat" and "Aao wish karein". But now she is making one more attempt.

Linc, a pen brand which I guess you must be aware of that, as a company has always wanted to establish themselves as a global brand with multiple values. Its primary focus is on connecting with the youth of the country and this is evident from the fact that their brands are endorsed by celebrity youth icons like Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. Following this, Linc intends to widen their reach with their brand new Production studio house, called Linc Entertainment, with their first film titled SHAKAL PE MAT JAA. This film is in collaboration with Ipix Movies, headed by Hrishitaa Bhatt who has co & line produced the film.

Mr. Deepak Jalan, Managing Director - Linc Pen said that, "While making films was altogether different from producing pens, the marketing and distribution was very similar. The knowledge and experience of marketing and distributing pens came in handy while chalking out the plans of distribution and marketing of SPMJ. The vision of Linc has always been to create a global brand, known for its values, creativity and ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment which is also the flavour of film making. We are really excited about this new move and hope our sincere efforts are rewarded by the audience."

Mrs. Saritaa Jalan, Director, Linc Entertainment, said, "We have always been passionate about movies and the art of film-making has always fascinated us. Starting with a script which has high entertainment value and great content was the perfect time to venture into film production. Linc has always believed in making great products, which is what we want to pursue for Linc Entertainment as well. The key driver would be excellent cost effective films, reaching out to maximum audience through best marketing & distribution platforms".

SHAKAL PE MAT JA, slated for release on September 23rd 2011, is a film based on true story of 4 young boys who get caught up as suspected terrorists at the Delhi international airport, while capturing an aircraft landing, on their handy cam. The story then turns crazy when they are interrogated by the officials ensuring that every moment is a crazy laugh riot.

The film apart from featuring some of the industry's veterans like Saurabh Shukla, Raghubir Yadav also boasts the presence of an extremely talented newcomers including Aamna Sharif, Umang Jain, Shubh, Chitrak, Pratik (Best child actor, screen award for PAA) and Harsh. The talented music director duo Salim-Suleman have been roped in to compose the music for the film.

Linc Entertainment looks forward to producing 2-3 films every year following its maiden venture SHAKAL PE MAT JA (SPMJ).

Here are few of the Aamna Sharif's wallpaper


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