Ra.One : the next big thing ??

Sunday, September 18, 2011

People in the industry have always praised the SRK's understanding of business model of financing the film and tagged him as the "Most business minded actor of bollywood" thanks to his marketing and promotional tactics of his earlier movies that he didn't prove them wrong either.

 But the question which everybody is concerned about that "Is Ra.One the next big thing in bollywood and did SRK made the right decision of spending way too much on his magnum opus ?? If reports are to be believed than Ra.One's production cost alone has a mammoth size of 150 crores. He is spending another 20 crores to give 3-D avatar to his movie and few more crores for promotional purpose. Recently there were rumors that SRK is tying up with "Formula One" organizers to inaugurate the race with all the cars having the look G.one's batcar(G.one is the name of the superhero character portrayed by the actor) but still no confirmations have been made from either side.

 If we do simple maths, then the Ra.one's overall cost might touch 200 crores. But Ra.one has already made few crores to its kitty. SRK sold the music distribution rights for approximately 25 crores. He also sold the Satellite rights too with an estimated tag of 20-25 crores. Besides this Ra.One's merchandising would add another tens of crores to its revenue list. So in simple words Ra.One would already cover up its 1/4 th of its total cost even before the release of the movie. And if analysts are to be beleived than Ra.One might generate 120 crores within first week of release only. So far it seems a safe bet for SRK.

 With all those big numbers all we expect a good entertainment for the audience. Afterall audience verdict is the final verdict


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