Anil's con is on!!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Though Anil Kapoor is riding high globally especially in U.S.A. with his “Slumdog Millionaire” success and being a part of hit U.S telly series ‘24’ but back in home the things are not as smooth. Anil Kapoor, who produced the movie “Short Kut” starring “Ahshaye Khanna”, “Arshad warsi” and “Amrita Rao” has just managed to escape the delay in the release of his movie but this escape cost Anil a whopping Rs. 35 lakhs. The whole story is that “Anil Kapoor” has been accused of stealing the title and storyline of the movie “Short Kut” which was being offered to him by a guy called BS Bhullar who narrated the story to Anil and even offered him to play the lead. But Anil turned down his offer then. Recently just before a day to release he filed the case in “Delhi High Court” which further ordered to stop the release of the movie. But later Anil compromised with Bhullar in order to escape the delay by paying him Rs.35,00,000. This is not for the first time anything of this sort has happened in Bollywood. Recently “Rakesh Roshan” also passed through the similar situation when his brother “Rajesh Roshan” was been accused of stealing a tune from the mobile advertisemesnt and using it in his movie “Krrazy 4”, Bach then the things compromised on whopping 4 crore Rupees. These things are certainly spreading like a fire in Bollywood.


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