15 "not so good looking" actors who made it big in Bollywood

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Well here is my compilation of 15 of "not so good looking" people from Bollywood who not only got success in their career but also turned out to be inspirational too. I didn't use the word "ugly" as it would be too harsh on them. This list does not include those who inherited their position in Bollywood from their star parents inspite of being not so pleasing to the eyes but unfortunately failed to make impression in Bollywood unlike their parents such as Uday Chopra, Eisha Deol, Tushar Kapoor and  many more,even people like "KRK" is not included in the list who not only have got bad looks but bad acting skills too. It would also motivate all those new-comers who live and breathe acting but their looks or physical appearance act as a hurdle and make them choose for alternate career option. Your comments would highly be appreciated and do suggest the order and names if you think should be part of this list.

15. Ajay Devgn

Well few of you might be thinking what he's doing on this list after looking at his current personality in movies like "Golmaal series" and recently hot-bod toned physique avatar in "Singham" but let me remind you all that the beginning was not so impressive for this Devgn. The side parted hair and dark complexion with the lose body was his trademark. But now he's transformed and ruling the industry alongside Khans.

14. Vinay Pathak

He could be seen as the late bloomers of the industry, but he is now a prominent part of the movie industry. When it comes to looks he might not be the best person to be referred to. His "Bheja fry" character is one of the best written and characterized comic character in Bollywood till date. He is being signed as the solo lead by many production houses.

13. Shabana Azmi

The extremely talented daughter dearest of famous poet "Kaifi Azmi" never boast about her looks and always preferred doing non-glamorized and realistic roles than the actress of her ages. She has set a benchmark for the Indian actresses and a true example of philanthropist.

12. Suniel shetty

Suniel Shetty was living a happy go lucky life as a businessman but suddenly he moved to other love of his life i.e. Suniel may have not given many solo major hits but has always been part of big projects. Started his career as an action hero then admired for his comic timing too. His voice was also quite different from the rest but it hardly acted as an obstacle in his career.

11. Kadar Khan

People who can write funny lines behind the camera can act in front too, who could be better example then "Kadar Khan" himself. He had a fabulous journey in Bollywood.

10. Pankaj kapoor

The daddy dearest of "Shahid Kapor" might not have the charm and oomph factor of his son but he was class apart when it comes to acting. His comic satirical serial "office Office" which raised intense issue like Corruption made him an household name. His character "Musaddi lal" is back again and this time on big screen.

9. Naseruddin shah

This normal looking and kind hearted gentlemanwas the first actor from Bollywood who made big in "Hollywood". The Aligarh Muslim University alumni had always dreamt of being an actor but in commercial films that's the very reason he still prefers doing theatre than acting in front of the camera.

8. Nana Patekar

Only few actors' personalities is as similar in real as their reel life characters. Nana patekar is a natural and one of the most brilliant actor but when it comes to look, he's not the best choice. His sincerity and hard work makes him what he is today

7. Om puri

Who cares what you looks like when you've got talent like Om puri. He is the part of Indian film industry for a very long time and still going ahead with same pace. From villain to comedy, he has done it all and got praised as well.

6. Rakhi Sawant

Love her or hate but you can't ignore her. She might give tough competition to Pamela Anderson when it comes to plastic surgeries but everybody wants her to be part of their shows. She is the drama (not so good looking)queen but still is a known name in the industry.

5. Johny lever

This short and dark comedian took the Bollywood comedy to the next level. He has done more movies than any leading actor of the past decade but his sense of humor remained the same.

4. Konkana Sen Sharma

The daughter of well acclaimed actress and director "Aparna sen", acting was obviously her first career option. She is one of the best known names of contemporary or parallel cinema but she did few mainstream movies too such as "Wake up Sid" and "Page 3". her simplicity makes her more prominent and real on screen and her acting is complementary too.

3. Rajpal yadav

Many considered him as the Johny Lever's replacement but he proved that comedy is not all about cheesy lines but it's a difficult art. This short looking guy made his debut as a villain (hard to beleive) in Ram Gopal Verma's "Company" but soon he realised that what he can do best is to make others laugh. Today his price charge is near or even more than actors like Fardeen Khan or Neha Dhupia or Aftab shivdasani. His never felt ashamed of mocking at his looks, on the contrary he made it as his most effective weapon to make others laugh.

2. Irrfan Khan

Irrfan khan might not have best of the looks, but his persona covers it all. He has worked with Hollywood A-listers too including "Angelina Jolie" and "Natalie Portman" and he is playing the main villain in upcoming Spiderman movie. He had a long journey from television to movies. he got his first praise as the role of insane villain in the movie "Haasil" and from that point there was no turning back in his life. If you though acting is all about looks and singing and romancing hot women then think again.

1. Rajnikanth

Do I really need to tell you guys about him. The biggest superstar from the nation might not be most good looking man of the nation but his Aura is way beyond any other actor in the entire world.
He is dark (even bald now), didn't have a tone body, neither have the "greek god Looks", then what makes him the biggest of them all ?? the answer is all the above mentioned qualities as he is the one who can represent the common man in the best possible form, hence he is loved by all the sections of the people.


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