Zoa Morani in Jannat's sequel

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ifyour dad is a leading Bollywood events and film producer (no matter if he's in jail) and is asoociated with all the big names of the industry, then perhaps your bollywood journey would become much easier.

Same is the case with Zoa Morani , those who don't know who she is...let me remind you that she was one of the lead in the much-hyped but disastrous movie "Always Kabhie Kabhie" produced by Shah Rukh Khan.

But Zoa wants her career other way as she wants to get project on her talent rather than her dad's tag that's the very reason she was spotted at the Mahesh Bhatt's office and as per the reports she even auditioned for the role of leading lady in "jannat-2" and most probably she even got that. Wish you luck Zoa for your next venture.


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