Terrorist attack in Mumbai

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The city has been targeted once again. Three explosions have taken place in Mumbai on Wednesday evening - two in South Mumbai at Opera House and in Zaveri Bazar and one at Dadar West, in central Mumbai. The Home Ministry has confirmed a terrorist attack and Mumbai is on high alert.

Maharashtra government sources say at least 60 people have been injured in the serial blasts. Eyewitnesses said about 15 to 20 people have taken to hospital in Zaveri Bazar. There were unconfirmed reports said six people had died in the Dadar blast, four in the Zaveri Bazaar blast.

The Home Ministry has said that Improvised Explosive Devices were used. All blasts took place during rush hour and in crowded places. The Dadar area houses the Shiv Sena Bhawan.

One explosion,  in a car at a bus stop in Dadar West, has been confirmed. A police officer said there might have been an explosive in a meter box behind a hoarding at Khau gali, a street filled with eateries at Zaveri Bazaar. The Opera House blast took place at Prasad Chamber.

An unexploded bomb has also reportedly been found in Dadar and a bomb disposal squad is working to defuse it.

Early reports said a police control room had received a call claiming that there were serial blasts in Mumbai.

A National Investigation Agency (NIA) team has rushed to Mumbai from Delhi to investigate and collect forensic evidence. The police have appealed for calm.

Zaveri Bazaar has been hit before -  over 50 people were killed in twin blasts in 2002.

Malls, markets and other crowded places in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore are on high alert.

The whole Bollywood is condolencing this blast and showing strength to fight against cowards who are terrorizing the city. Few of the celebrity tweets are-

(kjohar25) Karan Johar 
Prayers are strong but cannot replace accountability...resilience cannot be considered as back up!!!

(NeilNMukesh) Neil Nitin Mukesh 
Truly pray for all the families affected.

(Javedakhtarjadu) Javed Akhtar 
The death toll has reached 21. What kind of animals commit such heinous acts.

(atulkasbekar) atul kasbekar 
And can we pl be spared d 'spirit n resilience of Mumbai' crap this time around.

(RahulBose1) Rahul Bose 
now is not the time to lash out at imagined perpetrators. terror tht begets irrational anger's successful terror. stick together, stay sane.

(Lisaraniray) Lisa Rani Ray 
Very distressed at reports of bomb blasts in Mumbai #stoptheviolence

(mbhandarkar268) Madhur Bhandarkar 
Resilience of Mumbai again put to test b'coz of d blasts. Heart aches for d vctims. Cndemn such cowardly acts of terror.

(gulpanag) Gul Panag 
Woke up ( in Toronto) to the shocking news of blasts in Bombay:( Deepest condolences to the families of victims.

(deespeak) dia mirza 
The news needs to report facts and stop speculating. What is the intensity of these blasts? We are not interested in opinions. We want facts

(FarOutAkhtar) Farhan Akhtar 
We can help the Mumbai police department by not spreading rumours. Let's not make it harder for them.. They are out there doing their best

(chetan_bhagat) Chetan Bhagat 
Mixture of emotions. sadness for ppl affected. anger that it keeps happening. anxiety. need to stay calm.

(atulkasbekar) atul kasbekar 
Let's stop turning the other cheek each time someone slaps us. Whack someone back! Hard! Our restraint is not our weakness! Enough is Enough

(Actor_Siddharth) Siddharth 
Stop the killing you dirty cowards!! For the love of god! On second thought I retract my last plea! For the love of humanity, please stop!

Chetan Bhagat 
So it happened on still unpunished Kasab's birthday. As our shuffled ministers settle in,hope they realize their incompetence costs lives

 Sonam Kapoor 
Hope everyone is safe in mumbai. Stay home and stay safe.#mumbaibombblasts

Archana Vijaya
don't care if its Kasab's birthday or "13th" of July .. I hate these terrorists and its heinous to kill innocent people!!!! #mumbaiblasts

Chetan Bhagat 
Stay calm everyone.

Riteish Deshmukh-
Shocked to hear the news of the Blasts- Prayers for all who have suffered. And Be safe and stay home.

Priyanka Chopra-
Terrible news about the blasts. A request - please do not cause panic by tweeting/ spreading rumors / unconfirmed news.

Farhan Akhtar-
Cowards strike again! Condolences to all who have lost someone dear. To the rest, please do not panic. Get home safe.

Archna Vijaya
Its a damn shame! Everyone in Mumbai please be safe. God be with us!

Neha Dhupia
RT  PLEASE RT: Police Control Room  22621855 22621983, 22625020, 22641449, 22620111 etx 100

Neil Nitin Mukesh 
Utter BULLSHIT.This is pure nonsense. We only talk big. Can't do jack.Not a single lesson learnt after every things that's already happened

Anupam Kher 
#MumbaiBlasts. Anger, frustration and helplessness is NOT the answer. Hanging the terrorists already convicted is. Prayers for all.

Shahid Kapoor 
3 blasts in mumbai .. Please head home !!!!!

Sameera Reddy 
Its so upsetting that every time we Mumbaikars feel a sense of safety we get a wake up call with serial blasts again. When will this stop?

Madhur Bhandarkar 
RT @harshal168: @mbhandarkar268 @ndtv Police Control Room #Mumbai 22621855 22621983, 22625020, 22641449, 22620111 etx 100

Genelia D'souza 
Jst heard bout d blasts, terribly upset,pls head home if ul r out, be safe

Neha Dhupia 
Hope you and your loved ones are safe...

Madhur Bhandarkar 
RT @ndtv: Reports of multiple blasts in Mumbai. Blasts in Dadar, Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House.


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