Anushka : Maxim cover

Thursday, July 14, 2011

'Shake You Out' is the headline that actually catches you by your eyeballs... in the latest issue of Maxim. And they have all the reasons to have a headline like that, for the simply sultry Anushka Sharma is on the cover.

Need to say that the pictures are as hot as the standards of Maxim...and Anushka does full justice to the same. And for all you guys out there, this is what she said about the qualities that she looks for in a man. She wants to be with someone who is extremely secure as a person. That person has to be someone who can deal with the success of his woman and doesn't get upset seeing her accolades! And for those who dream to go out on a dream date with this dream girl, here are the certain dos and don'ts! She would like the guy (means the 'date') to dress well, smell good and be courteous. In all, she is looking for that 'total gentleman'! And for all of you who always yearned to know the secret of her smoking hot looks, she reveals, "I don't do anything special. I just try and be myself. And I don't believe in following a pattern. The way you see me is the way I am." And if you were wondering who tops the list of hottest women for this hot woman, the answer is 'Kareena Kapoor' and 'Natalie Portman'.

When being asked what's her favourite part being a movie star, pat comes the reply "I love the fact that life is not monotonous. It just doesn't get boring."


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