Vivek Oberoi : the new high flying villain

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vivek Oberoi has been finalised to play the the role of the main villian for the one of the most anticipated upcoming movie Krish2 and he is making sure not to keep any stone unturned to be the new baddie of Bollywood, which according to him is a cruicial part of his acting career.

The actor is completing flying hours for his role for KRRISH sequel.

Vivek Oberoi is making sure that he finished his training that will equip him to fly a plane before he starts shooting for KRRISH 2. It is learnt that he will be doing some daredevil aerial stunts for the climax scene with Hrithik Roshan in Rakesh Roshan's next movie.

A well-placed source told us that Vivek has enrolled at a flying institute in Florida, US. And as and when he can, he takes off, to complete his flying hours before he can get his license.

The character is inspired from Patrick Stewart's Professor Charles Xavier in the Hollywood's X-MEN series. Interestingly, there's a mutant angle in the Rakesh Roshan directed movie as Chitrangada Singh's character is based on Mystique, who can transform herself completely into another individual.

The actor is relegated to the wheelchair for a considerable portion of the film. 'He can move only his hands for a major part of the movie. But later, he is cured and gains mobility before the action-filled climax,' says the source, adding that this is when he flies a plane for the confrontational sequences.

Interestingly, Professor X, as Charles Xavier is also called in the X-Men series, also has a special plane for himself and his team. Maybe that's the inspiration for the producer-director, who's also said to be planning a specially designed aircraft for Vivek's character in the movie. Well we hope this high flying machine can help in the take off vivek's otherwise grounded career.


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